Amazing Personal Finance Tips by Ian Filippini of Filippini Financial Group

Posted by Aman Verma on Thursday, 22 September 2016 0

The personal finance experts like Ian Filippini of Filippini Financial Group are pushing for consumers to understand the importance of saving more and spending less. One the other side, the sellers are expecting you to pay more. They bang upon the impulse purchase trend like ‘once in a lifetime offer'. And invariably they urge you to act immediately as if not to lose a golden egg. It may appear to be a simple concept to incorporate the saving idea into your life and not to fall into the trap of unearthly promises.

Many consumers are living on shoestring budgets and saving a little is a tight as well as a plausible excuse. In a nutshell, to make personal financial changes, your concept needs to be modified as well. The first step would be to improve the financial situation by making refocussing your money management skill. The following roadmap to enhance, refocus or rejuvenate your financial status should be handy.

A clear visualisation of your present, as well as the future financial situation you wanted to become, is crucial in putting the road map better structured. You may add subsequently on the motives, bottlenecks as well as opportunities to redefine the milestones. You shall have to set and modify new goals in preparation for the ultimate. The list shall have to be exhibited in a prominent place so as to remind you often. And using the technological tools available today reviewing of the achievement in financial stability is possible.

Finding the right bank who understands your needs and wants is also important. A bit of homework on the different banks and their services would help you to assess the right one that suits you. Usually, the new generation banks offer very attractive schemes initially but back our when you face a crisis. On the contrary, a well-established banker would help you tide over the situation amicably. Especially the fixed deposit front, there could be wide variations from bank to bank.

Start saving policy is to be adhered strictly even if the amount may be minimal. A kind of automation in payment will reduce the chances of non-remitting due to various reasons.

Trimming and controlling your routine expenses is also a vital parameter in attaining financial stability. A simple ledger of the personal spending or a bit complicated a spreadsheet would reveal where all you can cut corners. There is always room for improvements like reducing eating outs, festivals, avoiding expensive travel and impulse buying, etc.

Making a bit of sacrifice even at the cost of forgoing the hitherto conveniences and luxury will have to be done deliberately to make your finances shine again. Stopping of all additional home services and delivery systems would save you a lot. You will soon realise that by sweating a bit, you will get the same services at a much lower price. You have to find out where you have been ‘taken for a ride' and resort remedial actions. Investment involves taking risks but that has to be a calculated risk.

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