5 Benefits of Yoga for Women

Posted by Aman Verma on Sunday, 9 February 2014 0

benefits of yoga for women
Yoga provides women with unexpected as well as obvious body benefits to mind and spirit. Yoga offers women with reflection, solace, acceptance, joy and ease to their body movements. Yoga helps women with physical and emotional balance along with the self-acceptance. Yoga works on every part of the body and further offers movement in every direction as well as provides stimulation to the organs. Furthermore, Yoga even helps women in connecting with their inner radiance. We are here with some benefits of yoga for women. Come on! Lets take a brief look at those benefits.

1) Pain Relief:
Yoga is a wonderful natural form which helps in getting relief from all the body aches. People suffering from chronic back pain can try out yoga for about 12 weeks which will definitely led to great improvements in their back functions.

Pain Relief Yoga Benefit

Yoga for about 6 weeks can help significantly in less disability, pain and the associated depression. Relieving from pain is one of the main benefits of yoga for women. It ensures to help women with pain relief from different kinds of problems including neck pain, join pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and many more.

2) Anxiety and Depression:

Yoga is an exercise of mind and body. This means it benefits person both physically as well as mentally/emotionally. Yoga helps in relieving from depression and works as an alternative to drugs.
Anxiety and Depression

 It reduces stress, depression, anxiety and improves person’s sleep patterns. Furthermore, it enhances overall well-being of a person.

3) Increase Flexibility and Balance:

Growing older, body flexibility and balance suffers. In order to turn back the hands on, yoga is the best natural exercise which will enhance body’s flexibility and balance throughout the life. Furthermore, it will help in decreasing the risk of falls and fractures in later phase of life along with it will even enhance your muscular strength and body flexibility. Yoga led greater improvements in lower body strength, weight loss, upper/lower body flexibility and gait. This is one of the main benefits of yoga for women along with people at any age. It shows great improvements in body balance, flexibility. Furthermore, keeps people nimble and active throughout the day and life.

4) Better Breathing and Lung Capacity:

The one of the major benefits of yoga for women is getting rid not fully but yes a relax feeling from respiratory problems like asthma.Yoga involves purposeful and deep breathing which further increase person’s chest wall expansion along with forced respiratory lung volumes. In simple words, it means that yoga helps in improving breathing capacity along with respiratory function.

5) Improved Heart Health:

Research is ongoing in relation of yoga with heart but the trials suggest that it benefits the heart in a number of ways. It helps in reducing high blood pressure, decreases the risk of heart failure and helps in easing heart palpitations. Yoga enhances cardiac rehabilitation and helps in lowering down the other heart risk factors including stress hormones, blog sugar and high cholesterol levels.

These are some top benefits of yoga for women as well as for other people despite of their age. Yoga ensures body flexibility and helps in relaxing mind and soul. Everyday yoga is pretty helpful and further can reduce stress from life. Are you doing yoga regularly? Does it help you in anyway? What all benefits you are getting from yoga?

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