5 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

Posted by Aman Verma on Saturday, 28 December 2013 0

Chrome Extensions for Web Designers
As a web designer you spend most of your time with browsers. Advance web browsers such as google chrome and Mozilla Firefox provides various add-ons and extensions to make designing process easy. Google chrome is a popular web browser among web designers so it is worth to write an article about google chrome extensions. So today we are listing 5 best google chrome extensions for web designers that will make your designing task easy as like never before.

1) Color Picker: The hardest task in web designing is to find out the exact combination of colors that will suit your website. Most of the times web designers take other websites as a reference to find out the color combinations which looks great together. Color picker is a popular free chrome extension for web designers to find out the color from a web page or even from images. Once you activate this handy extension, it will tell you the exact color code which the image or webpage is using. Apart from its color picking ability, it has features like palette browser and css gradient generator, which makes it a handy extension for web designers.
Color Picker Chrome extension

2) WhatFont: Generally, when we need to find out the font type that a particular website has been using, we try to inspect its html and css coding. But it’s really a time consuming task. To make the task simpler chrome has been offering a great extension for web designers, that is WhatFont, with this cool chrome extension you can easily find out the font family, Font Size, Line height a particular text block has been using by just clicking your mouse over the text. 
WhatFont chrome extension for web designers

3) MeasureIT: Another hard task in web designing is measuring the height and width of a particular area. For i.e. If you are developing a sidebar gadget but don’t know the exact size of sidebar then your gadget might overflow the boundaries of sidebar. So knowing the exact size of area where you want to fit something is very necessary. To make your designing task easier, Chrome is offering an extension by which you can measure the selected area easily. Name of the extension is MeasureIT and you can download it from chrome store for free. After installation, all you have to do is just select the particular area and it will tell you the exact height and width of selected area.

Chrome Extension MeasureIT

4) Screen Capture: Screen capture is a must to have extension for any chrome user. With screen capture you can take a snapshot of whole screen or a page region. Beside this, you can manipulate and save the picture in different file formats like jpeg or png. The best thing about screen capture is that, you can directly share the captured snapshot on Picasa web, Facebook and imgur in single click.

Screen Capture chrome extension

5) Pixlr Editor: The last but not the least is Pixlr image editor chrome extension. Pixlr is a browser based clone of adobe Photoshop. Everyone knows that image editing software like adobe Photoshop plays an important role in designing. Whether you are a graphics designer or a web designer, you have to use adobe Photoshop somewhere. So if you integrate the Pixlr like extension to your chrome browser, the overall task will become easy and efficient.

Pixlr editor chrome extension

So, what you think on our list of 5 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers, Please drop your valuable comments in comment box below.

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